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A Brighter Future.
A Happier You. 

A bright future is possible when you're at peace with your past and present. Book your online or in-person appointment to start your process. Become "unstuck" and learn how to benefit from your anxiety and depression.

Meet Annie Benn

My passion lies in helping people transform their lives through compassionate self-talk and restorative self-care. I weave breathing techniques, meditation, and mindfulness into session and help ensure that your thoughts and feelings align with your intuition and personal goals.

When I start a relationship with a client, I ask a lot of questions. We speak every week, but I brainstorm about them between sessions, search for potentially helpful resources, or mentally hold space for the pain I know they’re enduring. It’s become a lifestyle.

I am a master's level social worker, certified life coach and Reiki Level 2 (Okuden) practitioner. I offer Skype sessions. I'm incredibly flexible with scheduling times, as well as affordable rates that will work for anyone seeking self-improvement without unnecessary stress.



Annie's approach makes me feel safe and open I've completely let my guard down working with her. I'm more honest with Annie than any therapist I've had in the past which has allowed me to be more honest with my self. Working with Annie has allowed me to do my deepest healing work. Annie is warm and insightful while helping to hold me accountable to myself and my growth.

Annie has been like a lighthouse helping me navigate turbulent waters over the past 4 1/2 years. She coached me through parenting, a divorce, multiple job changes. Most importantly, she helped me find my voice and develop a path that is aligned with who I truly am. She has helped me know and accept myself. To say working with Annie has been transformational is a serious understatement. 

I've been going to therapy on and off my whole life, and Annie is the first therapist who has had a lasting positive impact. She has helped me see the behavioral patterns that hold me back . In the 4 years I've been working with Annie, I can honestly say that my life has never been better. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to work with this amazing person and seeing where life's adventures take me.

Practice Areas

Life Coaching

Work towards your maximum potential & learn new methods to practice the presence.

Use process therapy, journaling and breathwork to help head towards healing.

Life Transitions

Feeling stuck? We can work together towards easily feeling your flow again.

Body Positivity

Work to love yourself from the inside out.


Learn new relaxation techniques, easy meditations, and new breathing exercises.


Restore and balance natural life force energy, explore body-mind connection, and release and clear energy blocks.

Practice Areas
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