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I’ve always been intrigued and energized by the practice of knowing and being with oneself. I’ve spent time engaged in my own self-reflection and study, and I’m equally interested in others’ stories.

My work is not only client focused, but I also use a personal & customized blend of many different schools of thought. There are no "supposed to's" in therapy. It is a personal journey as unique as your personality and individual problems. I see therapy as the opportunity for people to transcend their struggles. I form a real life, genuine connection with my clients and therefore each of our sessions can fit each individual's need


I practice Psychotherapeutic Reiki.  I find Reiki increases a client's awareness and understanding of their own mind-body connection - opening the door to a different kind of therapy.  This approach can be used to treat psychological symptoms and heal past trauma through energy movement.

My passion lies in helping people transform their lives through compassionate self-talk and restorative self care. I weave breathing techniques, meditation and mindfulness into session and help make sure that your thoughts and feelings are in alignment with your intuition and personal goals.

+ Accreditations 
  • Reiki Level 2 Practitioner (Okuden)

  • Expert Rating / Certified Life Coach

  • Masters Level Social Worker

+ Education
  • Long Island University, Psychology, 2004

  • Adelphi University, 2007

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